We prefer email - everything black on white - clear for you and us!

How to Contact Us

We prefer contact by email, simply because both you and we can read afterwards what has been agreed.
For tour inquiries, please use the contact form on the tour package pages found in the tours-dropdown menu above. Then we receive all the required details to sent you a complete offer.

Note 1: We do not offer trips to e.g. sunflower fields, Palio, dairy farms, wineries in the area surrounding Khao Yai national park. We solely offer wildlife watching tours inside the actual park and various other nature reserves in the country.

Note 2: We only offer taxi/ minivan transfers if booked in combination with one of our wildlife tours.

Contact by Phone

We accept tour reservations by email only. For urgent matters you can call us, but for any other cases we kindly ask you to use email.

** Have you read the above and it is urgent? **

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Phone 1  |  +66 (0)81 06 39 782
Phone 2  |  +66 (0)87 87 45 794

Manager Tan
Tan, guide & owner of TONTAN TRAVEL with the rare sighting of a road-crossing Sunda Pangolin

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