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Birding Tours in Thailand | Bird Watching in Thailand's Best Parks

Find out yourself why Thailand is so popular for birding!
Birdwatching Kaeng Krachan

Birdwatching Kaeng Krachan

Birdwatching in Kaeng Krachan. Accompanied by our expert birding guides you will go after Grey Peacock-pheasants, Hornbills, Broadbills, White-fronted Scops-owl, and many more. And with luck you might even encounter the Ratchet-tailed Treepie!


PRIVATE TOUR   |   From 2000 BAHT

Birdwatching Khao Yai

Birdwatching Khao Yai

Birdwatching in Khao Yai. Join our expert birding guides and discover the colorful birdlife in the jungles of Khao Yai!


PRIVATE TOUR   |   From 2000 BAHT

Silver Pheasant in Thailand
Silver Pheasant in Thailand
Silver Pheasants are one of the beautiful pheasant species that occur in Thailand.

Orange-breasted Trogon in Khao Yai
Orange-breasted Trogon
Orange-breasted Trogon in Khao Yai national park seen on our birding tour.

Birding Tours Thailand - Why?

Birding Tours in Thailand - a paradise for birdwatchers. Thailand has a large variety of birdspecies, over 970 species, and great parks where you can tick a large number of birds like Pittas, Hornbills, Broadbills, Parrots, Pheasants, Trogons, Babblers, etcetera. Our birdwatching guides are experienced enthusiasts that have traveled around Thailand (and other countries) not only for their work as guides, but just as much for their own fun. Your visit will be greatly enhanced with an expert birdwatching guide at your side.

Birding Tours Thailand - What?

On our birding tours we will take our time to enjoy the beauty of our feathered friends and keep focusing on adding new bird species to your list. Please, discuss with us what species are of your main interest so we can decide together which places to visit on your birding trip.

Birding Tours Thailand - Where & When?

Birding is great year round, but in the Thai winter months lots of migrating birds visit Thailand, which might be interesting. February – April are great months for breeding birds like Hornbills.

Birding Tours Thailand - How Much?

We offer birding tours in Thailand for all budgets. Take a look at the list, below, and find the tour that fits your preferences and your budget.

Crested Serpent Eagle in Thailand
Crested Serpent Eagle
Crested Serpent Eagle in Thailand. These beautiful birds of prey might be common in some places, but are wonderful birds to watch.

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