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Birdwatching in Kaeng Krachan National Park

Widely considered Thailand's best park for birders!

Kalij Pheasant in Kaeng Krachan
Kalij Pheasant in Kaeng Krachan
One of the many ground-dwelling bird species found in Kaeng Krachan national park.

Great Hornbill in Kaeng Krachan national park
Great Hornbill in Kaeng Krachan national park
Definitely the most impressive of all bird species found in Kaeng Krachan national park. The Great Hornbill is often seen in fruiting trees, and the sound of its wingbeats will be etched in your memories!

Why Birding in Kaeng Krachan?

Why not? Home to over 400 bird species, Kaeng Krachan national park is one of Thailand's best parks for birdwatching. Blue Pitta, Ferruginous Partridge, Black-backed Kingfisher, Grey Peacock-pheasant, Long-tailed Broadbill, Black-and-red Broadbill, Sultan Tit, Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, Great Hornbill, Ratchet-tailed Treepie, Streaked Spiderhunter, Plain-pouched Hornbill, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Great Barbet, White-fronted Scops Owl, Bay Owl, Crimson-winged Woodpecker, Orange-breasted Trogon, Black-thighed Falconet, ... you get the point. See you there!

What we do on our Birdwatching Trips?

The Birdwatching Tours in Kaeng Krachan are private tours with flexible itineraries, normally starting at 6:00AM till darkness falls. With our expert birding guide, you'll explore the best birding spots at various elevations and different forest types to see a wide range of species. We'll discuss in advance what target species you'd like to focus on during the birding trip in Kaeng Krachan, and the itinerary will be adapted accordingly. If you have no specific target species, we just try to see a general selection of birds. Click here for other wildlife tours in Kaeng Krachan.

Birdwatching Kaeng Krachan  |  ITINERARY

We have no fixed itineraries for our birding tours; our experienced birding guide will decide which areas to visit based on your preferences and target species (if any), past encounters, fruiting trees if present, and just on instinct .

A typical birding tour day starts at 06:00AM to ±19:00PM. Generally speaking the birding tours do not contain strenuous activities.

Kaeng Krachan national park - Where & When?

Kaeng Krachan national park lies at about 3 hours from Bangkok. And 1:30 hrs from Hua Hin. Our birding tours start from Kaeng Krachan town, which you can reach by public shuttle minivans from Bangkok Victory Monument, but we can offer private transfers from Bangkok or elsewhere, as well.

Kaeng Krachan national park closes in the months August - October, so our tours are only on offer outside these months. Birdwatching is especially good from March to May due to the winter visitors and the nesting season.

Our rates

These Birdwatching trips are private tours, the rates below are per day. Accommodation is not included, please ask us about the hotel options near the park.
A list of what is included can be found on the right.

Private Tours - Rate per Day - Birdwatching Kaeng Krachan

Group size: Rate per person:
8 People 2000 Baht
7 People 2100 Baht
6 People 2250 Baht
5 People 2400 Baht
4 People 2700 Baht
3 People 3200 Baht
2 People 3800 Baht
1 Person 7200 Baht
Age: Reduction:
12y or younger 200

Ratchet-tailed Treepie in Kaeng Krachan
Ratchet-tailed Treepie in Kaeng Krachan
Kaeng Krachan national park is the only place in Thailand where the Ratchet-tailed Treepie can be found, therefore it is a target species for many birdwatchers. This species can be found at the higher elevations of the park.

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