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Birdwatching Khao Yai | Birding Trips in Khao Yai National Park

Hornbills, trogons, pheasants, pittas and more!

Bird photography in Khao Yai
Photographing birds in Khao Yai
Many colorful bird species call Khao Yai national park their home, making this park a paradise for birders and bird photographers alike.

Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo in Khao Yai
Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo in Khao Yai
Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo, Carpococcyx renauldi. Probably the most sought-after species by birders on trips in Khao Yai.

Birdwatching Khao Yai - Why?

Birdwatching in Khao Yai; a paradise for birders. We cater our birding tours for both first-timers who are interested in a general selection of birds, as well as for experienced birders that may be targeting for specific bird species. Khao Yai is home to lots of wonderful species such as Great, Wreathed, Oriental Pied, & Brown Hornbills, Silver Pheasant and Siamese Fireback, Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo, Red-headed, & Orange-breasted Trogons, Hooded, Blue-winged, Blue, & Eared Pittas; there are too many 'highlight' species to list them all... If you're an avid birdwatcher you will have a great time with us on tour in Khao Yai!

Birding Khao Yai - What?

The Birdwatching Tours in Khao Yai are private tours with flexible itineraries, normally starting at 6:30AM till darkness falls. Accompanied by an expert birding guide, you'll explore the best birding areas and stake-outs to find the birds you're looking for. When you enquire for our birding trips in Khao Yai we'll discuss what you're after and decide from there where to go/ what to do. If you're not after anything specific we'll focus on a general selection of birds.

Birdwatching Khao Yai  |  ITINERARY

We have no fixed itineraries for our birding tours; our experienced birding guide will decide which areas to visit based on your preferences and target species (if any), past encounters, fruiting trees if present, and just on instinct .

A typical birding tour day starts at 06:30AM to ±18:30PM. Generally speaking the birding tours do not contain strenuous activities.

Birdwatching Khao Yai - Where & When?

Khao Yai national park lies just 2.5 - 3 hours from Bangkok. Our Birding Trips start from Pak Chong, easy to reach by bus or train, but private transfers from Bangkok or elsewhere are on offer, as well.

The park is accessible throughout the year, and our birdwatching tours can take off every day of the year. Every season has its own advantages, but the winter season, November to February is probably the best for birdwatching. Partly due to the many winter visitors. And Hornbills nest from the first months of the year till as late as May.

Birding Khao Yai - How Much?

These Birdwatching trips are private tours, the rates below are per day. Accommodation is not included, please ask us about the hotel options near the park.
A list of what is included can be found on the right.

Private Tours - Rate per Day - Birdwatching Khao Yai

Group size: Rate per person:
8 People 2000 Baht
7 People 2100 Baht
6 People 2250 Baht
5 People 2400 Baht
4 People 2700 Baht
3 People 3200 Baht
2 People 3800 Baht
1 Person 7200 Baht
Age: Reduction:
12y or younger 200

Silver Pheasant in Khao Yai
Silver Pheasant in Khao Yai
Silver Pheasants, another target species for many birdwatchers. Khao Yai is a good location to observe this species, mainly in the winter/ dry season.

Birdwatching Khao Yai | Contact Form

To book our Birdwatching in Khao Yai or if you have any inquiries regarding this tour, please, contact us using the form, below.
Looking for a hotel near Khao Yai or Pak Chong? Use the 'special requests' field to ask us about the lodging options.

** Just for your information, we only offer wildlife watching tours. We can not help you with a visit to the various touristic attractions nearby the park like the wineries, dairy farms, sunflower fields, Palio, etc. **

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