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Field Herping in Khao Yai

Spotting green pit vipers between green leaves in an evergreen forest!

Photographing Vogel's Pit Viper in Khao Yai
Photographing a Vogel's Pit Viper in Khao Yai
The Vogel's Pit Viper, a rather commonly encountered species on our field herping trips in Khao Yai. You can take all the time you need to photograph snakes.

New Caecilian species in Khao Yai
We discovered a new Caecilian species!
Besides reptiles, Khao Yai is home to a wide range of amphibians. On one of our herping tours in 2014 we discovered a species of Caecilian that is new to science. For now, we just call it Tontan's Caecilian, haha!

Why Herping in Khao Yai?

Khao Yai national park, the most popular park of Thailand, covered with good quality evergreen forest, but also parts of secundary growth and other types of vegetation. Probably one of the best explored regions of the country, but still surprises are possible. In 2014, we discovered a new species of Caecilian, unknown to science, on one of our field herping trips in Khao Yai national park.

What we do on our Field Herping Trips?

We offer 1- to 4-day excursions. And it is possible to spend the night(s) inside the national park, camping or in a cabin, though these lodging options are very basic!
During the day, we explore different areas and habitats on foot, with some game driving in between; of course all with primary focus on reptiles and amphibians. When darkness falls we might go out night walking or night driving. There is no fixed itinerary. Depending on time of year, weather conditions, and your personal preferences we decide hour to hour where it is best to go next.

Khao Yai national park - Where & When?

Khao Yai national park lies just 2.5 - 3 hours from Bangkok. Our Herping Tours start from Pak Chong, easy to reach by bus or train, but private transfers from Bangkok or elsewhere are on offer, as well.

The park is accessible througout the year, and our trips can take off every day of the year. However, certain months are better than others. This is all depending on the weather. Generally from half November till about half February are not so great due to the cold night temperatures and little rainfall. April - May till Beginning November is usually best when we are slowly getting more rainfall and the nights are getting warmer.

Our rates

These herping tours are private tours. For those wanting some comfortability it is recommended to book a hotel near the park during your tour. However, we can offer camping in the national park, free of charge. Ask us about more details if you wish to camp inside the park.
A list of what is included can be found on the right.

Private tour - Field Herping Khao Yai

Rate per person:
On request

King Cobra in herping Khao Yai
King Cobra in Khao Yai
The king of all snakes. Even with an experienced herp guide you will need a bucketload of luck to see a King Cobra. But nothing is impossible on our herping tours...

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** Just for your information, we only offer wildlife watching tours. We can not help you with a visit to the various touristic attractions nearby the park like the wineries, dairy farms, sunflower fields, Palio, etc. **

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