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Herping Tours in Thailand | Discover Thailand's Amazing Reptiles

Pythons, pit vipers, flying dragons, monitor lizards; do we need to say more?
Field Herping Kaeng Krachan

Field Herping Kaeng Krachan

Field herping tours in Kaeng Krachan. Discover the herpetofauna of Thailand's largest national park. Let's hunt some snakes!


PRIVATE TOUR   |   Price on request

Field Herping Khao Yai

Field Herping Khao Yai

Field herping tours in Khao Yai. This national park is home to Vogel's Pit Vipers, King Cobras, Banded Kraits, Siamese Crocodile, Indochinese Water Dragons, Flying Dragons, do we need to continue?


PRIVATE TOUR   |   Price on request

Python Hunters in Khao Yai
Python Hunters in Khao Yai
The Python Hunters of National Geographic Wild went with us into the jungle of Khao Yai to search for the Burmese Python. As you can see, we found the mother of all snakes!

Water Dragon seen on our herping tours
Indo-Chinese Water Dragon
A beautiful Water Dragon; often seen on our herping tours

Herping Tours Thailand - Why?

Herping Tours in Thailand - a paradise for people who love reptiles and amphibians. It is in Thailand where you can find the longest snake of the world - the Reticulated Python, the longest venemous snake of the world - the King Cobra. Besides these record snakes there are flying dragons, crocodiles, turtles, water dragons, gliding geckos, flying snakes, bright green pit vipers, monitor lizards and we're only getting started... Luck is an important factor, but the experienced eyes of our guides will definitely make the difference.

Herping Tours Thailand - What?

On our herping tours we wander around in the jungle at a slow pace and focus on reptiles and amphibians. Where allowed we will do night walks and/ or night drives.

Herping Tours Thailand - Where & When?

Reptiles are found everywhere in Thailand. Thailand has a wide variety of herps and these occur both in untouched jungles as well as near human settlements. The warmer and wetter months are the best for herping. Rain brings frogs, frogs bring snakes!

Herping Tours Thailand - How Much?

We offer reptile tours in Thailand for all budgets. Check our packages in the various national parks and ask us for the rates..

Oriental Vine Snake in Thailand
Oriental Vine Snake
Oriental Vine Snake in Thailand. These diurnal lizard-eaters can be seen year round.

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