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Kaeng Krachan National Park Tours

The largest national park of Thailand!
Kaeng Krachan Wildlife Tour  |  3 days

Kaeng Krachan Wildlife Tour  |  3 days

Wildlife Tours in Kaeng Krachan's jungle of 3 days. Wildlife watching in the largest national park of Thailand. Good chance of seeing gibbons, langurs, hornbills, macaques, reptiles, & more!


PRIVATE TOUR   |   From 5100 BAHT

Kaeng Krachan Wildlife Safari  |  2 days

Kaeng Krachan Wildlife Safari  |  2 days

Wildlife Safaris in Kaeng Krachan's jungle of 2 days. A combination of safari drives and jungle hikes to explore the Thai jungle and discover the amazing wildlife.


PRIVATE TOUR   |   From 3400 BAHT

Field Herping Kaeng Krachan

Field Herping Kaeng Krachan

Field herping tours in Kaeng Krachan. Discover the herpetofauna of Thailand's largest national park. Let's hunt some snakes!


PRIVATE TOUR   |   Price on request

Birdwatching Kaeng Krachan

Birdwatching Kaeng Krachan

Birdwatching in Kaeng Krachan. Accompanied by our expert birding guides you will go after Grey Peacock-pheasants, Hornbills, Broadbills, White-fronted Scops-owl, and many more. And with luck you might even encounter the Ratchet-tailed Treepie!


PRIVATE TOUR   |   From 2000 BAHT

Stump-tailed Macaque in Kaeng Krachan
Stump-tailed Macaque in Kaeng Krachan
On our wildlife tours in Kaeng Krachan national park there is a chance to see Stump-tailed Macaques, the largest of the 6 macaque species in Thailand.

Dusky Langur
Dusky Langur in Kaeng Krachan
One of the cutest animals in Kaeng Krachan is the Dusky Langur.

Why visit Kaeng Krachan?

Kaeng krachan national park is Thailand's largest national park. And with that size comes an amazing biodiversity. The park is home to many rare species like Asian Tapir, Indochinese Tiger, and Asiatic Leopard, animals that you are unlikely to encounter. But where there are big predators you will usually find healty populations of many other animals. Animals more likely to be encountered are langurs, macaques, gibbons, snakes, civets, and with more luck perhaps even elephants, or Gaur.
Besides all these animals the park offers stunning views of jungle-clad mountains as far as the eye can see. Did we get you interested?

What we do on our Wildlife Tours?

We go hiking on foot, and do game drives in search for the elusive wildlife. The terrain in Kaeng Krachan is quite mountainous meaning the hiking won't be all that easy. It is possible to adapt the itinerary for those who wish some easier walking, but some of the best parts of the park require you to be fit. On both the trekkings and the drives our main focus will be on wildlife watching. But there is time to enjoy the scenery as well. Usually when we get back to the camp we love to wander around a bit in the dark with a flashlight to look for nocturnal wildlife. You're welcome to tag along, if you dare

Kaeng Krachan national park - Where & When?

The main gate of Kaeng Krachan national park lies at about 200km from Bangkok, and 70km from Hua Hin, near Phetchaburi in the Southwest of Thailand. The tours start from Kaeng Krachan town which can be reached by public transport, or we can arrange a private transfer for you.

Kaeng Krachan closes its doors in the months August to October due to the heavy rains making the road impassable. So we operate our tours from November till July.

Kaeng Krachan Tours - What are the costs?

Our wildlife tours are only available on private base, and for limited group sizes. And at this point we only offer safaris of multiple days.

Blanford's Flying Dragon
Blanford's Flying Dragon
Yes, flying dragons exist. They sure do in Kaeng Krachan. This Blanford's Flying Dragon has extended ribs with skin in between that allows him to glide from tree to tree.

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** Due to our home building plans and the lack of a substitute guide, we are not able to offer any tours in Kaeng Krachan & Huai Kha Khaeng, as well as no specialized herping tours until January 2018.
Our apologies! **

Despite the higher visitor number and more developed infrastructure, Khao Yai national park is Thailand's best park for wildlife watching. And since we have a (small) team of guides in Khao Yai, we are still able to organize a wildlife tour for you in Khao Yai instead.
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