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Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure | 4 Days of Wildlife Spotting in Khao Yai

No place is more exciting for wildlife watching than Thailand!

Khao Yai Wildlife adventures
Khao Yai Wildlife adventures
A wild elephant on the road seen while wildlife spotting in Khao Yai national park. Situations like these are the reason why we use an open-air safari truck on our Khao Yai Wildlife Adventures. First-class view on Khao Yai's amazing scenery and wildlife.

Dholes, Asian Wild Dogs, seen on Khao Yai Wildlife adventures
Asian Wild Dogs in Khao Yai
Asian Wild Dogs also known as Dholes are not easily seen, but maybe on your Khao Yai Wildlife adventure luck is on your side. On this particular adventure we found a carcass of a Sambar deer and our patience paid off.

Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure - Why?

4-Day Khao Yai tours are for the enthusiastic wildlife watchers. As soon as you learn more about Khao Yai's biodiversity, it's hard to understand why relatively few tourists go on wildlife adventures in Khao Yai.

It's allowed to explore the jungles on foot and you have a chance to encounter all kinds of exciting wildlife including large charismatic species like elephants, gaur, gibbons, and if you are very, very lucky even top predators like dholes, or bears. Spotting wildlife is not easy in thick jungles, but that makes every wildlife encounter even more rewarding.
Time is the key to success!

Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure - What?

Our 4-day Khao Yai Wildlife adventures have a flexible itinerary. We won't elaborate the total itinerary, we hope you trust our experienced guides in choosing the best activities to make your wildlife adventure in Khao Yai a memorable experience. We'll be out in the wilderness from morning till dark, some days even after dark, 4 full days, which leaves more than enough time to explore all highlights of Khao Yai such as the waterfalls and viewpoints. A significant part of the trip will be spend hiking in different kinds of habitats, but we explore the park a lot by car too, because that generally offers the best chance for larger wildlife.

Khao Yai has an extensive trail network, and we even use animal tracks where you won't see other tourists. A wildlife hide overlooking an open grassland is a place we will visit. In between these activities we'll do game drives, which includes 2 night drives with spotlight, and we'll visit the bat caves where millions of bats fly out at sunset.

Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure  |  ITINERARY

The itinerary of our 4-day Khao Yai Wildlife adventures is never the same. We'll be out in the wilderness from morning till evening, 4 full days!
Two days from 08:00AM to ±20:30PM, and two days from 08:00AM to ±18:00PM.
Activities on our wildlife adventures in Khao Yai include jungle hiking, safari drives, night drives, visiting the major highlights like the main waterfalls, viewpoints, and visiting a wildlife hide. And we'll watch the millions of bats fly out at sunset.

Our experienced wildlife spotting guides know the park very well, and will do everything to make your Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure a success.
These wildlife adventures are also perfect opportunities for wildlife photographers/ filmmakers that need time to get the ultimate shots.

Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure - Where & When?

Khao Yai national park lies just 2.5 - 3 hours from Bangkok. Our Wildlife Adventures start from Pak Chong, easy to reach by bus or train, but private transfers from Bangkok or elsewhere are on offer, as well.

Khao Yai is accessible througout the year, and our adventures can take off every day of the year. Every season has its own advantages. November to February is generally dry and cool (bring a sweater!), but personally we love the wet season from June to October. You might get wet, but the waterfalls are more impressive, the forests are lush and green, and warmth- and moist-loving animals are seen more often.

Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure - How Much?

These 4-day Wildlife Adventures are private tours. For those wanting some comfortability it is recommended to book a hotel near the park during your tour. However, we can offer camping in the national park, free of charge. Ask us about more details about staying in a tent inside the national park.
A list of what is included can be found on the right.

Private Adventure - Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure

Group size: Rate per person:
8 People 6800 Baht
7 People 7000 Baht
6 People 7400 Baht
5 People 8200 Baht
4 People 9100 Baht
3 People 10400 Baht
2 People 12600 Baht
1 Person 22400 Baht
Age: Reduction:
12y or younger 800 baht

Gibbons seen on Khao Yai Wildlife adventures
Gibbon family in Khao Yai
Gibbon family seen on our Khao Yai Wildlife Adventures; White-handed Gibbons form family groups and are territorial. Our guides know many family territories and know their favourite feeding spots.

Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure | Contact Form

To book our Khao Yai Wildlife Adventure or if you have any inquiries regarding this tour, please, contact us using the form, below.
Looking for a hotel near Khao Yai or Pak Chong? Use the 'special requests' field to ask us about the lodging options.

** Just for your information, we only offer wildlife watching tours. We can not help you with a visit to the various touristic attractions nearby the park like the wineries, dairy farms, sunflower fields, Palio, etc. **

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