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Kui Buri Elephant Safari | Half Day

99% chance to see elephants, and with some luck even Gaur!

Elephants in Kui Buri
Elephants in Kui Buri
A mother elephant with her calf seen on our elephant watching tours in Kui Buri national park.

Bull Asian Elephant in Kui Buri national park
Bull Asian Elephant in Kui Buri national park
A solitary bull elephant spreading his ears to show who is the boss in the jungles of Thailand.

Why Kui Buri?

Kui Buri national park is without a question the best place in Thailand to see elephants in the wild, making it a great wildlife safari destination. To get an impression about our elephant watching safaris, watch our video, at the top of this page.

Besides elephants, you have a reasonable chance to see the world's largest wild cattle species, the Gaur. These impressive bovines occur in large herds in the park.

But there is more to this place. Kui Buri is the prime example how ecotourism can contribute to the protection of wildlife. Our guide Bill is a key member of the Kuiburi Wildlife Ecotourism Club (KWE-Club), a group consisting of local farmers living and farming at the park's boundaries. The prime goal of the KWE-Club is to employ the farmers as drivers and guide assistants to show the elephants to the tourists. This project has changed the mindset of the farmers, because now the presence of the elephants offers them income which compensates for the daily losses of their crops raided by elephants.
Your visit is a direct financial contribution to the farmers, and therefore a direct contribution to the conservation of this magnificant species.
If that isn't reason enough for a visit...
Read more on our Kui Buri national park tours page

Due to the location, Kui Buri makes a great addition to one of our tour packages in Kaeng Krachan national park.

What we do on our Wildlife Safaris?

The main activity on our half-day Wildlife Safaris in Kui Buri is the game drive in prime elephant habitat. We make some stops at look outs where we scan the forest edges to see if any of Kui Buri's animals are willing to show. This safari does not contain any hiking. We make use of open-air safari trucks which give the best view whenever we encounter wildlife, but it offers little protection against sun or rain, so be prepared. The vehicles are driven by locals from the surrounding area of the park. This way they directly benefit from the presence of the wildlife, and that will make them more committed in protecting the park and the animals, even if it occassionally might mean elephants raid their crops.

Safari game drive in Kui Buri
Safari game drive in Kui Buri national park
The safari game drive in Kui buri national park is the ultimate way to see the big Thai mammals. There could be an elephant after every curve, or sometimes even other animals like deer, gaur, and birdlife.

Kui Buri Elephant Safari  |  ITINERARY

Here follows the itinerary.

Day 1 (14:30PM to ±18:00PM)

After registration we will get a vehicle with driver and assistant assigned, locals from the surrounding area of Kui Buri. With the open-air safari vehicle we enter the park and slowly follow the dirt road. Even though main focus will be on spotting the large herbivores, we do keep our eyes open for any other wildlife and birdlife inhabiting the area. When we reach the first lookout we leave the vehicle and walk to the viewing area and scan the plains and forest edge to see if we can get a glimpse of the elephants or other creatures. The guide will explain you more about the history of the park and about the local wildlife. After this we continue the slow drive deeper into the reserve till we reach the main Gaur viewing area, the end of the road. Here we will again get out of the vehicle and hope to see these massive bovines, elephants, and possibly even Banteng. After enjoying the views and hopefully the animals, we start our return drive back to the starting point. It's not uncommon that we encounter roadblocks by elephants.

Kui Buri national park - Where & When?

Kui Buri national park lies at about 4 hours drive from Bangkok. And 1:30 hrs from Hua Hin.
We can offer private transfers from Bangkok, Hua Hin, or elsewhere.

Kui Buri national park is opened year round.

Our rates

These half-day safaris are private tours.
A list of what is included can be found on the right.

Private Tours - Wildlife Safari Kui Buri

Group size: Rate per person:
8 People 1050 Baht
7 People 1100 Baht
6 People 1150 Baht
5 People 1200 Baht
4 People 1300 Baht
3 People 1600 Baht
2 People 2000 Baht
1 Person 3500 Baht

Elephant seen on our wildlife safari
Elephant seen on our wildlife safari
The elephants can be seen anywhere. Sometimes in the distance on the grass plains, and sometimes just wandering around on the dirt road. They own the place.

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