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Photo Tours Khao Yai | Nature Photography Tours in Khao Yai National Park

We bring you to the best spots for the best shots!

Photo tours Khao Yai
Photo tours Khao Yai
Photographing gibbons is a real challenge; they're fast! But nothing is impossible. Join our photo tours and increase your chances on wildlife photography in Khao Yai national park.

Mainland Serow seen on Photo tour Khao Yai
Mainland Serow in Khao Yai
Mainland Serows are rare animals; Being prepared for sudden encounters is an important aspect of wildlife photography. Try it yourself at our Photo tours in Khao Yai.

Photo Tours Khao Yai - Why?

Our Photo tours in Khao Yai are a great and exciting way to photograph Thailand's wonderful wildlife. To get an impression about our tour activities, watch our video, at the top of this page. (Note: some activities pictured in the video might not be included in this tour package!)

This photography tour is for beginners & expert photographers alike. Close encounters with animals like gibbons, hornbills, macaques, deer, and even wild elephants are possible on our photo trips. To spend enough time photographing we highly recommend multi-day trips, but if time is limited a day tour is possible as well. If you love nature and especially wildlife, you'll have a great time with us in Khao Yai!

Photography Tours Khao Yai - What?

Photo tours in Khao Yai are private tours with flexible itineraries. We know you need concentration and patience to get the right shot. If you have experience in nature photography you'll know it is impossible to plan ahead. So we won't. When you enquire for our photo tour in Khao Yai we'll discuss what you're after and decide from there where to go/ what to do. If you're not after anything specific we'll try to find a good balance between landscape and wildlife photography.

Photo Tours Khao Yai - Where & When?

Khao Yai national park lies just 2.5 - 3 hours from Bangkok. Our Photo Tours start from Pak Chong, easy to reach by bus or train, but private transfers from Bangkok or elsewhere are on offer, as well.

The park is accessible throughout the year, and our photography tours can take off every day of the year. Every season has its own advantages. November to February is generally dry and cool (bring a sweater!), but personally we love the wet season from June to October. Waterfalls are more impressive, the forests are lush and green, and warmth- and moist-loving animals are seen more often. However, bring rain protection for your camera equipment and yourself.

Photography Tours Khao Yai - How Much?

These Photo Tours are private tours. Accommodation is not included, please ask us about the hotel options near the park.
A list of what is included can be found on the right.

Private Tours - Photo Tours Khao Yai

Rate per person:
On request

Wildlife seen on Photo tours Khao Yai
Wildlife in Khao Yai
Wildlife seen on Photo tours in Khao Yai; Sambar deer are quite often seen and make great subjects for wildlife photography.

Photo Tours Khao Yai | Contact Form

To book our Photo Tours in Khao Yai or if you have any inquiries regarding this tour, please, contact us using the form, below.
Looking for a hotel near Khao Yai or Pak Chong? Use the 'special requests' field to ask us about the lodging options.

** Just for your information, we only offer wildlife watching tours. We can not help you with a visit to the various touristic attractions nearby the park like the wineries, dairy farms, sunflower fields, Palio, etc. **

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